Government of Denmark supports Course Review Workshop on Developing Maritime Security Culture in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG)

The KAIPTC organized a 2-day course review workshop on Developing a Maritime Security Culture in the Gulf of Guinea on the 7th-8th of March 2023 at the KAIPTC. The course, which was initially developed in 2020 under phase II of the Danish Maritime Security Project “Enhancing Regional Research, Capacity Building and Convening of Stakeholders towards a Safer Maritime Domain in the Gulf of Guinea”, enhanced the knowledge of maritime security actors on current and emerging national and regional issues in the Gulf of Guinea maritime space.

The workshop forms part of the five-year project on Integrated Responses to Threats to Maritime Safety and Security in the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Domain in West and Central Africa (2022-2026). It updated course content with relevant feedback from previous trainings and incorporated information on current trends in the maritime security domain of the Gulf of Guinea.

Given the dynamic nature of the GoG maritime domain, the output of the workshop will contribute to building the capacity of maritime security actors. It will also improve their knowledge of mechanisms instituted at the regional and national level to respond to these challenges, and deepen their understanding of their roles in supporting efforts to prevent maritime crimes and other maritime threats.