Government of Norway supports three training courses to build African capacities in Peace and Security

With support from the Norwegian Government, three core training courses, i.e. the Election Observation Training (EOT), Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Foundation (DDRF) and the Conflict Analysis and Mediation (CAM) Courses were held at the KAIPTC in the months of February – March 2023.

The Election Observation Training (EOT23) Course which took place from 6th – 11th  February 2023  was aimed at  increasing the knowledge of participants to support the efforts of ECOWAS in preventing elections related conflict / violence and to help further democracy in the region. The technical capacity and knowledge of twenty-four (24) participants was enhanced through the training.

Similarly, the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration Foundation (DDRF23) Course held on 6th – 17th February 2-23 provided seventeen (17) participants with a comprehensive, conceptual and operational level understanding of the principles, procedures and up to date practices and trends involved in the planning, coordination and conduct of DDR programmes and DDR related tools.

The Conflict Analysis and Mediation (CAM23) Course held from the 20th of February to 3rd March 2023 strengthened participants critical, analytical and practical conflict analysis, mediation and negotiation skills, including the development of multi-level, locally relevant and tailor-made approaches to conflict resolution.

Participants of the Conflict Analysis and Mediation course during a group presentation on Gender and Inclusive Mediation

The thirteenth (13) edition brought together twenty-nine (29) carefully selected participants from various institutions that enabled the sharing of experiences and lessons learned in multi-track mediation and peace processes.  Participants of these courses shared how the training was beneficial to their current jobs and deployments;

“I have been invited to observe in Nigeria the upcoming presidential election taking place in 2 weeks. This course provides an opportunity to learn what is necessary to know and do in order to succeed, especially in a country where security issues are very serious. I am lucky to be here at this moment. Finally I will apply the knowledge and skills gained from the training to better my electoral observation practice and better support missions I am deployed to”

~Anonymous, EOT23


“As a Civil Affairs Officer within the United Nations Mission in the DRC, I would be an actor in the implementation of the pilot phase that the National programme has, through the provincial coordination of the PDDRC-S. This course has equipped me to better perform my task effectively” ~Anonymous, DDRF23


“I support the implementation of a project in the North Central states of Kaduna and Plateau affected by age-long inter-religious and ethnic crises. The project supports communities to develop platform and forum to promote dialogue and cohesion. With what I have learned from the CAM, I hope to deploy it immediately to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our project implementation.” ~Anonymous, CAM23