Peace & Security Studies Programme (PSSP)

Peace and security has become a recurrent theme not only in international relations and political science studies, but also as a critical area of study given new trends in terrorism, transnational organized threats, and increased levels of natural disasters across the world. These threats do not only undermine state and societal security, but also pose substantial risks to human safety and survival.

The human security concept addresses the root causes and structural factors of conflicts by identifying safety and resilience conditions that reduce deficits in state building, peace building, and risks to violence and conflicts. The United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have placed greater emphasis on peaceful and inclusive societies. This suggests fostering positive peace approaches to conflict transformation.

Together with our counterpart programme in the KAIPTC Training Department we design, develop and deliver training courses in peace and security.  We undertake theoretical and applied research for both policy and practice.

PSS themes transcend the conflict spectrum (i.e. from conflict prevention, peacekeeping and peace building contexts).  Our focus is on reducing threats against human security, especially in West Africa, and to avoid risks which spark violence and conflicts in Africa. This includes research, networking, training and policy engagement in maritime security, security sector reform, election observation and management, peace building, political governance and development.


  • Ernest Ansah Lartey – Head of Programme

  • Naila Salihu

  • Dr. Kweku Danso

  • Lydia Amedzrator