PSSP Projects

Journal of African Peace and Security

The programme also manages the KAIPTC Journal of African Peace and Security, to be published biannually. The maiden edition is scheduled to be published in 2018.

Capacity for Peace (C4P)

C4P is a capacity building project supporting the concept of ‘infrastructures for peace’ being pioneered by Ghana and adopted by other ECOWAS member states. The C4P seeks support the use of peaceful means to resolving election-related disputes in particular. A major tool we use in achieving this objective is through peace colloquiums and election observation missions in West Africa.

Reflections on Security Series

This is an open platform where peace and security analysts, practitioners of peacekeeping and peace building meet to discuss contemporary issues on peace and security affecting West Africa and beyond. This event is organized at KAIPTC on a quarterly basis.

KAIPTC Forum on Peace and Security

The programme leads the organisation of KAIPTC’s Forum on Peace and Security in Africa. The conference will bring together scholars, policy and research think tanks, diplomats from governmental and intergovernmental organisations (such as African Union, the United Nations, ECOWAS, the European Union), security professionals, development agencies, civil society groups among others). The conference will be held annually at KAIPTC.