The Swiss State Secretariat for Migration and KAIPTC Pilot Migration Management Course

Historically, migration has been a positive activity. Migrants have contributed significantly to the development of societies. However, the continuous flow of migrants in an irregular fashion, their vulnerability to exploitation and the association of irregular migration with smuggling and trafficking networks are persistent issues of concern.

In view of this, the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration partnered the KAIPTC to develop the Migration Management Course as a platform for migration practitioners to discuss migration, its challenges and the way forward in developing action plans and policies to manage the migration process effectively.

The two-week pilot course which took place from 23 January – 3rd February 2023 brought together personnel from Cameroon, Gambia, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana who work with various Ministries, Institutions and Departments of regional and international organisations such as ECOWAS, AU and IOM .

The course proved to be relevant to all participants as one participant shared;

 “My office is currently in the process of developing an Operational Plan for Our Three-Year Programme Strategy. Therefore, every aspect of the course is helpful in enhancing and deepening my knowledge and skills to better contribute to the process. I believe what I have learnt will be reflected in the development, planning and implementation of projects that aim to support the displaced. As the officer-in-charge of training and a facilitator, I will also share the knowledge and skills gained with my colleagues as well as to build the capacity of CSOs and government officials my organization partners with.” Anonymous – MMC23