Government of Sweden pledges support to KAIPTC for another three (3) years.

The Swedish Government, through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, has pledged its support to the Centre and extended its cooperation to the KAIPTC for another three (3) years.

Receiving the KAIPTC delegation in Addis Ababa, Madam Ulla Andrèn, Head of Regional Development Cooperation in Africa, Embassy of Sweden said that her office was pleased with the existing working relationship with the KAIPTC.

Discussions centered mainly on the outcome of the evaluation on the project, ‘Operationalization of the Women Peace and Security Agenda’ implemented by KAIPTC’s WPSI and  focused on issues of radicalization, violent extremism, terrorism, the unending gender-based violations in member states and the monitoring of member states in implementing their gender mainstreaming activities.

As part of the cooperation arrangements under the project, SIDA is  resourcing the expansion of the Institute to a fully-fledged department  which includes the renovation of an office block to accommodate more staff to perform its mandate.