KAIPTC Strengthens engagement with civil society organizations in Abuja and Ethiopia

As part of the KAIPTC’s working visit to Abuja and Addis Ababa, the team engaged Civil Society Organizations with interests aligned to the Centre’s to explore possible partnerships in the next strategic phase.

Institutions visited in Abuja include UN Women and Mercy Corps where the focus of the discussions were on Climate change and its impact on women. GBV, harnessing the role of traditional and religious leaders, working with the youth and women in unconventional networks amongst others.

The team also held meetings with Life and Peace Institute, All Africa Conference of Churches (AUCC),  Brot Fuer die welt (Bread for Life) and Amani Africa Media Foundation in Addis Ababa.   Issues discussed focused on the Youth Peace and Security Agenda, democratic governance and unconstitutional governments, policy engagement with the AU, peacebuilding and humanitarian development, transitional justice, climate change and capacity building.



With a strong focus on building strategic partnerships in its next strategy, the KAIPTC seeks to expand its professional networks and reach on the Continent to enhance its overall capacity to deliver high quality capacity building programmes and trainings.