Schools Sensitization Campaign on Career Opportunities within The Ghana Armed Forces

In support of the implementation of the Elsie Initiative Fund project, the WYPSI and Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) team visited seven schools in the Volta Region in Ghana to raise awareness about career opportunities within the Ghana Armed Forces.  The schools included, Mawuli, EPC Mawuko Girls, Ola Girls Senior High, Zion College, Anlo Senior High, Keta Business School and Keta Senior High School.  This follows previous visit to second cycle schools in the Western, Central and Eastern Regions of Ghana.


The team, which commenced the sensitization activities on February 18, 2024, met with the Volta Regional Director General of Education, Francis Yao Agbemadi and briefed him on the project’s objectives. Mr. Agbemadi expressed his full support for the initiative and facilitated arrangements with school authorities.

These sessions reached a total of 1,417 students, focused on promoting gender mainstreaming, combating stereotypes, and highlighting career opportunities within the Ghana Armed Forces.

To support the awareness campaign and generate wider visibility for the project, the team conducted public education interviews with Radio Jubilee and Suncity Radio, both in Keta. These interviews aimed to educate parents and guardians about the campaign’s focus on promoting gender equality and opportunities for women in combat support roles within the Ghana Armed Forces. Listeners actively participated by calling in with questions and expressing appreciation for the initiative’s efforts to challenge traditional gender roles and encourage female participation in the military.

The presentation’s interactive format fostered constructive discussions and yielded valuable insights from the students. The team also visited five other secondary schools in the Oti Region, also in Ghana.

About 625 students across the Krachi East and Nkwanta South Districts of the region participated in the programme in the Oti region. Mr. Solomon Adunai from the Regional Education Office in Jasikan facilitated student participation, while heads and teaching staff ensured session success.

Students from the Oti Senior High Technical School and the Krachi East and Nkwanta Senior High School participated in the programme.

The interactive sessions, focused on dismantling gender stereotypes and highlighting career opportunities within the Ghana Armed Forces, particularly combat roles for women. Question and answer segments addressed students concerns about military, eligibility, marriage, pregnancy, and educational opportunities.