Promoting healthy lifestyles for staff and students through Wellness and Fitness Initiatives

Cross section of staff from departments during the fun games

KAIPTC recognises that work-related stress is a common issue that negatively impacts both the individual and the organization. Healthy well balanced staff build stronger working teams, increase productivity, and reduce absenteeism. To promote wellness and fitness for staff and participants, management embarks on several initiatives each year to create an environment that fosters physical and mental health and conducive working spaces for staff.

This year’s health and wellbeing event was held from Wednesday 25 to Friday 27 October 2023 under the theme: “Promoting Staff Health and Wellness – an Important Factor for Workplace Productivity”. The health focus was on breast cancer prevention with a seminar and free breast cancer screening for staff and participants by the Breast Care International organization.  There were other health screenings including Hepatitis B, Diabetes, malaria and Full Blood Count (FBC) with fun competitive games, staff product and service showcased and healthy food and drinks.

Speaking at the seminar, the Commandant, Maj Gen Richard Gyane emphasized that staff health and wellbeing are important indicators for every institution’s health.

 “If staff are in good health, have a balanced work-life, the Center stands to gain most” he said.

The KAIPTCs health initiative has also been incorporated in its training programmes with course participants engaged in aerobic exercises at least twice weekly as part of this drive to promote health, fitness and stress management.

To enhance teambuilding and collaboration amongst staff beyond their work responsibilities, the Centre’s Tennis Court has also undergone major refurbishment. Additionally office spaces are being prioritized by management for staff, including an alumni office to enhance alumni engagement.

New offices spaces being fabricated for staff