Online Databases



Accordaccess website
Accord is an open resource accessible in full text. It covers major disciplines such as, Peacekeeping, Conflict Resolution and Migration.

Africa Defense Forum (ADF) - access website
ADF is an online magazine that informs and discusses forums on Africa security professionals and security issues on the continent. Previous articles featured on: “reconciliation, civil military relations, border security, disaster strike, financing extremism and shared duty”, accessible via the archive. ADF offers full text articles in French and English.

Africa Portal - access website
This is an online knowledge resource on policy-related issues on Africa. It offers open access resources on: Peacekeeping and Security, Law, Conflict Resolution, Economics and International Relations.

African Journal Online-access website
African Journals Online (AJOL) provides access to African-published research. AJOL includes over 380 peer-reviewed journals from 29 African countries covering a range of academic disciplines.

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BioOneaccess website
This is an open resource that provides access to full text peer- reviewed research articles in Biological, Ecological and Environmental Sciences.

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Cambridge University Pressaccess website
Cambridge University Press is a subscribed database that publishes over 220 peer-reviewed academic journals. Subjects covered include Social Sciences and the Humanities.

Credo Online Referenceaccess website
Credo Online Reference and Research tool offers searches in hundreds of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, subject-specific titles and Atlases. It has images, video and audio on all subject areas. Patrons can search other subscribed databases through Credo as well as the KAIPTC OPAC.

The University of Chicago Pressaccess website
Offers full text scholarly journal articles and book reviews in diverse scholarly publications. It covers wide range of disciplines such as “Economics, Education, Humanities, Law,Politics and Social Sciences”. They are peer-reviewed journals of original scholarship with readerships by scholars, scientists, practitioners and interested educated individuals. Notable among its publication is the Journal of Political Economy.

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Digital Commons Network Repositoryaccess website
Digital Commons Network Repository is an open access repository that provides access to full text articles in the areas of law, engineering, business, social and behavioural sciences, Arts and humanities etc.

Directory of Open Access Journalsaccess website
This is a directory which has open, full text, quality controlled scholarly journals covering all subjects in many languages. Areas include Law and Political Science, Business and Economics, Social Sciences, Philosophy and Religion.

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Ebscohostaccess website
Ebscohost is a subscribed database with valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals. The database features PDF content, with searchable cited references.

Edinburgh University Pressaccess website
It is a subscribed multi-disciplinary database that offers full-text, indexes and abstracts on the Humanities, Political Science, Law, Social Sciences, etc.

Emerald Publicationsaccess website
Subscribed resource to Full-text, abstracts and citations of scholarly and peer reviewed journals on Humanities, Social Sciences, Management and Law.

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Feminist Studiesaccess website
The Feminist Studies covers Women Studies and female institutions. It addresses social and political questions that intimately and significantly affect women and men around the world. Coverage: Gender, racial identity, sexual orientation, economic means, geographical location, and physical ability.

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Hinariaccess website
HINARI is a World Health Organisation (WHO) project partnered by international publishers to assist developing countries have access to biomedical and health literature. The database has 12,700 journals, 24,900 e-books and about 70 other information resources.

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IMF Electronic Library access website
This is a subscribed service that provides access to authoritative, harmonized and global statistics such as International Financial Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics, Government Financial Statistics, trade, investments and others.

Intellectaccess website
Intellect publishers make available original thinking works in the areas of Communication and Media, Culture, Arts and Fashion via ingentaconnect platform. It offers full text and abstracts.

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Jstor access website
It provides full-text online access to back issues of selected scholarly journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Other disciplines are Law, International Relations, Women Studies, Political Science, Conflict Studies, International Affairs and Governance.

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Liebert Online access website
It provide authoritative peer-reviewed journals in biotechnology, biomedical research,life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, and law.

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National Academic Press access website
It provide authoritative peer-reviewed journals in biotechnology, biomedical research,life sciences, clinical medicine and surgery, and law.

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Oxford University Journals access website
Oxford University Journals is a subscribed database that provides access to more than 100 journals. Coverage includes: Social Sciences, Humanities and Law.

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Palgrave Macmillan Journals access website
Palgrave Macmillan offers combined portfolio of over 70 peer-reviewed e-journals in the areas of: political science and international studies, social and cultural studies, business and management, economics, education, information systems and technology, urban design and architecture.

Policy Press access website
The database provides coverage to articles, conference proceedings and government documents on social and political policies, Political Science, Public Administration, current affairs and related topics.

Project Museaccess website
Project Muse is a subscribed database that provides full text scholarly journals published by university presses, mainly in the Arts, Law, Humanities and Social Sciences. The articles are full-text and searchable across all disciplines.

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Sage Publicationsaccess website
This is a subscribed database covering resources from Sage Publications. It is multidisciplinary including, Law, International Relations, Criminology, Peacekeeping, Human Rights, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Sage Research Methods Online access website
Sage Research Methods Online offers full text materials on research methods, major research paradigms, cognitive research, qualitative and quantitative researches as well as designing research questions.

Sage Research Methods Casesaccess website
Sage Research Methods Cases is a collection of case studies on real social research. It is designed to expose researchers on methodological and theoretical concepts in understanding and undertaking academic research. It purposely meet the needs of students and researchers seeking applied understanding in research methods. It complements teaching and learning in research methods.

SIPIRI Yearbook Online access website
The online version starting from 2010 up to date is dedicated to research into security and Conflict, Armament, arms control, disarmament and International Security. It is a compendium of data and analysis in the areas of military spending and armaments and Non-proliferation as well. Request for a username and password to access

SOLLIMS access website
SOLLIMS is a US Army War College, Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) initiative that offers a Knowledge Management environment for the global Peace and Stability Operations (P/SO) community, by providing multiple collections of peace and stability operations references, the ability to implement focused Communities of Practice (CoP), professional forums and blogs, as well as a robust, online repository/structured database containing Peace and Stability Operations (P/SO) related Observations, Lessons, and Insights. SOLLIMS is intended to focus at the Strategic Theatre / Strategic National and Operational levels.

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Taylor and Francis Groupaccess website
This is a subscribed database offering full text, abstracts and citations of articles from Taylor and Francis, Routledge and Psychology Press. Subjects include Political Science, International Relations, Law, Social Science, Humanities and Development Studies.

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Wiley Publications (Blackwell)access website
Wiley InterScience is a subscribed database that provides access to nearly 1500 journals with full text and reference works. Major subject areas are: Law, Social Science, Humanities, Management and Engineering

World Bank e-Library access website
The World Bank e-Library is an electronic portal to the World Bank's full-text collection of books, reports/working papers, journals and other documents on social and economic development. It is the most comprehensive collections in the area. It offers fully indexed and cross-searchable database of 6,000+ titles, as well as every new title as it becomes available in print. It is fully searchable by subject, region, keyword, title, author, abstract, or year of publication. Coverage include: Communities & Human Settlements, Conflict and Development, Gender, Governance, Finance and Financial Sector Development, International Economics & Trade, Law and Development, Social Development

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Credo Online Reference

Credo Online Reference access website
Credo Online Reference and Research tool offers searches in hundreds of encyclopaedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, subject-specific titles and Atlases. It has images, video and audio on all subject areas. Patrons can search other subscribed databases through Credo as well as the KAIPTC OPAC.

Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary access website
Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is a subscribed service and viewed as the authority on the English language. It is an unparalleled guide to the meaning, history, and pronunciation of 600,000 words— past and present—from across the English-speaking world.

Oxford Reference Online

Oxford Reference Online access website
Oxford Reference is the home of Oxford’s quality reference publishing; bringing together over 2 million entries, many of which are illustrated, into a single cross-searchable resource and specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of reference users. Oxford Reference provides quality and up-to-date reference content.


KAIPTC Publicationsaccess website
KAIPTC led by its Research Department, published peer reviewed and real research on peacekeeping and conflict related themes under the following categories: articles, monographs, occasional papers, reports, policy briefs,newsletters amongst others.

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