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Here you will find the UN Charter, the main bodies, Reform of the UN/Strengthening ,the UN, Veto power, Rome treaty, etc or
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Structure of UN Organization

War College Resources

U.S. Army War College Library U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center

Selected Links

The collection is made up of Journal Titles, Databases and NPS Thesis and dissertation collection. It publicly make available ( full text) NPS Theses, Dissertations, MBA Professional Reports, Joint Applied Projects, Systems Engineering Project Reports and other NPS degree-earning written works.


This provide access to comprehensive analysis from global network of think tanks, research institutions and publication network on Women, Peace, and Security. The collection include Foundational Documents such as UN Documents, NATO Documents, AU Documents, EU Documents, OSCE Documents, US Documents, Action Plans.


It offers full text articles on hot topics, world hot spot, iBook and journals such as Military review Journal, Journal of military learning, and NCO Journals. It accepts books and manuscript for publication.

Make available reviews on War on the Rocks and Texas National Security Network, (Full text of reviews is accessible)


It offers full text articles and editorials on National Security published by Strategic Studies Institute (SSI) of US Army War College.


It provide full text information on topical and emerging issues on security.


It offers thematic and trending issues in articles, special series and Podcast for free.