Political Advisor Course for Peace Support Operations in Africa (PolAd19)

Political Advisor Course for Peace Support Operations in Africa (PolAd19)

Course Date/Duration 17 June – 28 June 2019
Course Capacity 20 participants
Target Group senior civilian (director level), police (Superintendent and above), military personnel (Lt Col and above) and NGOs
Course Language English
Application Deadline New 26 April, 2019


The complexity of the political and security environment in many African regions, where missions and operations are launched makes it challenging for heads of missions and operational commanders to thoroughly assess, monitor and analyze the impact and the political consequences of their actions. Also, due to the many different tasks these heads of missions and commanders have to perform, they often cannot be aware of the full spectrum of developments from the strategic and international levels to domestic and regional situations. All these challenges could have an influence on the success of a mission/operation. As a result, the role of the political advisor is very critical for providing the leadership with proper analyzes of developments, trends and emerging issues in the country or region and making recommendations on possible policies, strategies and other measures to address issues of concern.

Despite the potential important role of Political Advisors (PolAds) and significant engagement of African countries in African missions and operations, a formalized training of PolAds for Commanders of Operations and/or Heads of Missions has so far not been introduced in Africa. It is for these reasons that the KAIPTC and Austrian Ministry of Defence (MoD) are offering this course to build the capacity of potential and existing practitioners.

Course Description

The overall objective of this ten-day residential course is to train Political Advisors for UN Missions in Africa, AU and ECOWAS operations and missions. It is also meant to enable senior personnel from African countries and organizations to know the core tasks of Political Advisors working on conflict and crisis and improve and/or enhance the quality of information they provide.

Course Objectives

  • Train PolAds for UN Missions in Africa, African Union and ECOWAS military operations/missions.  
  • Enable senior personnel from African countries and organizations to know the core task(s) of political advisers working on conflicts and crises
  • Improve and/or enhance the quality of information they provide to Operation Commanders/Heads of Missions.  
  • Provide thorough knowledge of the latest developments in African and International Security Policies.
  • Provide participants with the skills to collect, analyze, report and brief, and
  • Give advice on developments concerning the area of operation/mission.

Expected Outcomes

On completion of this course, participants should:

  • Understand and appreciate the complexity and sensitivity of the multidimensional role of a PolAd.
  • Undertake the tasks and responsibilities of a PolAd at the operational and   strategic levels.
  • Articulate key roles, mandates, and response mechanisms of international, regional, and local actors within different scenarios.
  • Know and apply basic techniques for writing effective reports, briefs and speeches.
  • Know and apply concepts and techniques of negotiation and mediation models for alternate dispute resolution.
  • Communicate and interact effectively with the media.
  • Harmonize and improve the interactions between various actors in the in/direct mission environment of a PolAd.

Target Group

The envisaged target groups senior civilian (director level), police personnel (Superintendent and above), military personnel (Lt Col and above) and NGOs who are either already in an advisory position or are likely to become PolAds in the coming years.

The selection process will strive to achieve gender balance of participants as much as possible.

Course Content

The course will cover, inter alia, the following topics:

  • The Role of a PolAd;
  • The PolAd at Work;
  • Policy Advising in Other Actors Operations and Missions;
  • Reporting and Speechwriting;
  • Public Diplomacy;
  • Analytical tools for PolAds;
  • Negotiation and Mediation;
  • Communication through the Media;
  • The Possible Role of PolAds in ECOWAS and AU Operations and Missions;
  • Interaction between Different Security Actors; and
  • The Way Ahead in International Crisis and Conflict Management.


The problem-based learning approach will be used in the delivery of the ten-day residential course. Participants will play active roles in the learning process under the supervised guidance of a team of experienced facilitators. The course content will thus 

be delivered using a combination of tools such as; lectures, case studies, small group work exercises and simulation among others. The course will be conducted in English.

Course Fee

The full cost of participating in this course is the responsibility of the participant. Each participant shall be required to pay a fee of 1650 USD (one thousand six hundred and fifty dollars) to cover accommodation and feeding. In addition, the participant is also responsible for his or her travel expenses. All other related costs including facilitation, course materials, training facilities will be sponsored by KAIPTC and Austrian MoD. 

Limited scholarships (for course fee only) maybe available depending on position, experience and qualifications. The selection board will determine specific applicants that qualify to receive financial support. 


  • Accommodation: It is a residential course and course participants will be accommodated at the KAIPTC.
  • Insurance: KAIPTC and Austrian MoD do NOT accept responsibility for individual medical, travel or other insurance. Participants are strongly advised to arrange their own insurance coverage for the duration of the training.
  • Visa: Costs for visa are NOT covered by KAIPTC or Austrian MoD and must be covered by the participant. Visa applications must be organized by the participant.  

How to Apply

To apply for the course, please click here. 

The web address will take you to the Course Application page on the KAIPTC’s Learning Management System (LMS). Please read and follow the instructions on the course application page carefully and exactly to be able to submit your application for the course.

NOTE: All applications must be completed fully. Partially completed applications will NOT be considered in the selection process. 

For further information on the provisional course overview click here (available soon)


Contacts at KAIPTC

For administrative issues:

Mrs Marylyn Agblor

Training Coordinator

Tel: +233 (0) 302 718 200 Ext. 1012

Omit (0) when calling from outside Ghana

Email: Marylyn.Agblor@kaiptc.org

For course content issues only:

Josef Hager

Lt Col, Austrian Armed Forces

Course Director

Tel: +233 (0) 302 718 200 Ext. 2165

Omit (0) when calling from outside Ghana

Mob: +233 (0) 546 921 030

Email: josef.hager@kaiptc.org