KAIPTC to Expand Training with New Peace and Security Undergraduate Degrees

The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) has announced plans to introduce undergraduate degrees in Peace and Security.

This new initiative, officials said, will address critical areas like Climate Security, Leadership and Governance, and Security and Technology. The Commandant of the Centre, Major General Richard Addo Gyane announced this at the launch of three new short courses being run commercially by the Centre.

The new courses, Conflict Analysis and Mediation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Peacebuilding, and Leadership and Management in Security Organizations were aimed to provide the participants with the skillsets to be better prepared to address the multifaceted challenges of modern peacekeeping and security management.

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) transforms security and peacebuilding, this course equips participants to analyze data for conflict prevention, leverage AI tools, and navigate ethical considerations.
Peacebuilding Careers
General Gyane emphasized the importance of the new undergraduate program expansion in peacebuilding. He explained that this initiative aims to equip young graduates with the skills they need for careers in this field, as peace and security issues have become a top global priority.

“Across the United Nations, African Union and ECOWAS, peace and security issues dominate discussions, hence the need to encourage young people to take up careers in the field”.

“It is for this reason that we decided to introduce diploma and degree programs in addition to the existing Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in peace and security as well as gender studies,” General Gyane added.

Presently, KAIPTC, he said focuses on training military, police, and civilian personnel for peace and security across Africa. The peace and security space, he said covers issues of gender, climate change, political leadership which are all critical that young people could build careers around.

“When you look at our continent, one of the major challenges we face is leadership and governance. At KAIPTC, we believe introducing undergraduate programs will help young people develop the skillsets needed for careers in this field,” General Gyane stated.

KAIPTC, he said is thrilled to open its doors and share its mission of providing diverse opportunities for knowledge and growth in peace and security to Ghanaians. He encouraged participants to seize the opportunity to engage with experts and practitioners in the field, benefiting from a platform that not only offers valuable learning experiences but also facilitates connections and potential partnerships.”

General Gyane also highlighted KAIPTC’s commitment to addressing knowledge gaps in Ghanaian communities, stressing the Centre’s quest to continue to roll out online and hybrid courses alongside the undergraduate programs that are to be launched soon.