Youth in Leadership and Community Engagement Course


Course Duration: 28 October – 01 November 2024
Application Date: - Sep 28, 2024
Course Fee: GHC 3,500.00


Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), celebrated as an ECOWAS Training Centre of Excellence provides globally recognized training modules and courses for local and international actors to foster peace and security on the continent of Africa and beyond.

In line with the strategic objective of the Centre, KAIPTC has recognized the urgency in developing initiatives to assist in empowering the youth in in leadership and their role in community engagement. The initiative seeks to identify the potential of the youth as future leaders and their role in community engagement as an effective tool in peace building in Africa. The introduction of this course among others is part of KAIPTC’s commitment as a forerunner in developing and focusing the youth to identify their roles in community engagement. As the world grapples with high youth unemployment, KAIPTC sees an opportunity to refocus and re-orient the youth in recognizing opportunities and identify and play their roles effectively in national development.



The role of the youth in national development cannot be overemphasized. The youth if well directed and focused brings on board renewed perspectives and energy to help drive economic development and social progress. KAIPTC in this regards has identified the need to partner the relevant stakeholders by way of introducing a course of study in Youth Leadership and community Engagement to help foster national development. As future leaders, the youth has the responsibility of engaging in community activities to help advance progress. The Course is not only designed to be academic but also designed to create a conducive atmosphere where participants will interact freely to build practical ways and means in empowering the youth in leadership and community engagement to foster national development. The course seeks to attract experts, government officials, youth in leadership roles and academics to share insights, best practices in seeking answers that will help develop the youth in identifying and playing their roles effectively to foster development.

The course stands as an avenue to provoke the discourse of how the youth can be re-oriented and focused in society. Additionally, the introduction of this course, cements KAIPTC’s commitment in the recognition of the youth as future leaders and an important group in national development, peace and stability on the continent of Africa. KAIPTC therefore seeks to enhance the capacities of the youth through participants to enable them harness their talents and capacities in community engagement in the realization of national development in the context peace and security.



The course aims at empowering the youth in Leadership and community engagement by enhancing the knowledge and building the capacities of participants and relevant stakeholders such as members of the defence and security Sector (Military, Police, Fire Service, Prisons Service, Civil Society groups, etc) actors  to discuss and develop strategies and to refocus and re-orient the youth in national development.



  1. Deepen participants understanding of concept of Leadership.
  2. Identify and analyze leadership and management roles.
  3. To identify and analyze the roles of the youth in the community.
  4. To understand the collaborative efforts of players in the communities.
  5. To develop practical skills and strategies to refocus and re-orient the youth.



  1. Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of concept of Leadership.
  2. To develop skills in leadership and management.
  3. To understand and explore the critical role of youth in Community Engagement.
  4. Foster collaboration between youth and the community in national development.
  5. Promote social cohesion and inclusivity among the youth in the community.



The course is designed for the youth and Ghana’s Defence and security sector to include but not limited to military, police, fire Service, Prison Service and intelligence Unit officers and Civil Society Organizations.



The training will adopt a collaborative Problem Based Learning (CPBL) approach, which comprises presentation, group discussions, group work, Q&A session, case studies, practical and field exercises among others. Selected Facilitators will be adept and raise pertinent issues on the selected topics to provoke discussions and participation. The various tools employed will help participants better familiarize with various concept related to security.



The course will be structured around five comprehensive modules:

  1. Definition of Youth.
  2. Concept of Leadership.
  3. Empowering the youth in Leadership.
  4. Role of Community in Development.
  5. Youth and Community Engagement.
  6. Case Study.



The course will be held at KAIPTC for duration of one week.



Participants will be charged GHC 3,500.00 per person.


APPLICATION DEADLINE:  28 September 2024



Mrs Marylyn Agblor
Training Coordination Officer
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Col Frank Kusi-Darko
Course Director
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