Responsibilty to Protect Course (R2P)

Peace and Security Studies

Course Duration: 19th - 30th November, 2018
Application Date: - Oct 10, 2018
Course Fee: $500.00 (Non-refundable commitment fee)
Terms and Conditions:
  • The course will be conducted ONLY in English
  • KAIPTC will not bear any health or accident costs for any participant
  • KAIPTC shall be responsible for participant’s travel (within Africa, accommodation and feeding during the duration of the course
  • Participants who will require visa on arrival will also be responsible for their visa fees
  • Every participant must have proof of adequate health insurance coverage before travelling to the Centre

Course aim

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to train African policy makers, government officials, military, police and personnel from civil society organizations on the concept of R2P and its implementation.

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Target group

  • Policy makers of governments in Africa in security.
  • Military, police and civilian peacekeepers.
  • Non-Governmental Organisations.
  • Representatives from the Regional (AU) or Sub-Regional Economic Communities (RECs).
  • Representatives from the National Peace Councils.
  • Civil Society Organisations.
  • Officials of the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs and Justice.


Course content

  • The Foundations and Evolution of R2P.
  • Normative and Legal Foundations.
  • R2P and Africa: National, Transnational, Regional and Continental Arrangements and Practice.
  • R2P, Prevention and Early Warning.
    • Risks and vulnerabilities.
    • Post-conflict rebuilding and reconciliation.
    • Peace vs. Justice (ICC and special courts).
    • The role of the media.
    • R2P, Protection of Civilians and Military/Security Sector.
  • R2P – Issues, Controversies and Challenges (case study).
  • R2P Simulation Exercise.


How to apply

Only fully completed applications that are submitted via the application portal will be considered.

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Contact at KAIPTC

Marylyn Agblor
Training Coordinator
Tel: +233 (0)302 718 200
Fax: +233 (0)302 718 201

Seth Agordekpe
Course Director
Tel:  +233 (0)302 718 200