Police Pre- Deployment Training

Peace Support Operations

Course Duration: Two Weeks
Course Fee: This course is fully funded.

Course Summary:

This course targets police officers from different countries (particular from the 15 West African States of ECOWAS). The course aims at enhancing the capacity of police officers about to be deployed to UN/AU missions providing them with basic knowledge and skills at both operational and service delivery levels relating to the roles, responsibilities and operating procedures of United Nations Police in an IPSO.



  • Mission Specific Training Materials: UN system; Code of Conduct; AU system;
  • Humanitarian assistance
  • Personal Security
  • Map Reading/Radio Communications SEA
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Child Protection/ Vulnerable Groups
  • Mine Awareness
  • Human rights
  • Hygiene,HIV/AIDS, Malaria
  • Community Based Policing
  • UNPOL & different legal systems
  • Communication and Negotiation
  • Use of Language Assistance
  • Mentoring and advising
  • Reform, Restructuring, Rebuilding (RRR)
  • Respect for diversity
  • Nature of Conflict in Africa
  • Core Business of UNPOL& Key Partners
  • Report Writing
  • Women, Peace and Security


Target Participants:

Police officers