Human Rights for Field Officers Online Course


About the HRFO course

The Human Rights for Field Officers course addresses the existing training gaps in the field by providing fundamental knowledge and skills needed for efficient and effective protection and promotion of human rights. It also equips human rights officers deployed or to be deployed in field locations including multi-dimensional peace operations with operational knowledge and skills to fulfill their mandates.

Course Aim

This course is aimed at building and enhancing the capacities of the various actors working in field locations including multi-dimensional peace operations to contribute towards human rights compliance, address human rights violations and human rights mainstreaming.

Course Content / Modules

  • Evolution and Advancement of Human Rights
  • Human Rights in Perspective
  • Rights of People on the Move
  • Protection of Civilians
  • Impact of COVID – 19 and other Pandemics on Human Rights



Target Group

  1. United Nations (UN), African Union (AU) and its Regional Economic Communities (RECs) human rights Field Officers.
  2. Individual on UN, AU and RECs deployment.
  3. Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) and International and National
  4. Civil Society Organisations working in the field of human rights.
  5. Personnel of Peace Support Operations (PSOs)
  6. Researchers and Academics.
  7. Any other Relevant Stakeholder.


Learning Method

The course is self-paced with each module taking approximately 45-70 minutes to view. Each module consists of text, images, infographics, audios, videos, case studies, self-tests and quizzes.


Relevant Information

The course is available in both English and French


How to apply

Rate: 50USD/ 650 GHS

Interested applicants should enroll / apply via the KAIPTC LMS




Contact the eLearning Team via