Election Management Training Online Course


Course Rationale

Targeting a broad range of electoral stakeholders, advocates, actors and traditional Election Management Bodies (EMBs), the Election Management Training Course aims at providing comprehensive training in election management within the framework of peace and security and from an African perspective. The course aims at equipping participant with the tools (knowledge, skills and attitudes) necessary for facilitating the organization of peaceful and credible democratic elections.

Course Content / Modules

  • Overview of Election Management, Functions, Obligations and Principles
  • Election Management Bodies(EMB)
  • Electoral Systems
  • Electoral Integrity
  • Election Management and Gender
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Electoral Operations – Training


Target Group

This course targets Civil Society Actors, Election Management Bodies, Security Personnel, Government Organisations, Political Parties, Election Observation Groups and International Organisations


Learning Method

The course is self-paced with each module taking approximately 45-70 minutes to view. Each module consists of text, images, infographics, audios, videos, case studies, self-tests and quizzes.


Relevant Information

The course is available in both English and French


How to apply

Interested applicants should enroll / apply via the KAIPTC LMS

Application link: https://applicationform.emt



Contact the eLearning Team via elearning-support@kaiptc.org