Peace and Security Studies

Course Duration: 18th – 22nd September 2023
Application Date: - Sep 15, 2023
Course Fee: Each participant shall be required to pay a non-refundable commitment fee of ¢2,250 GHS + $ 400 (two thousand, two hundred and fifty Ghana cedis plus four hundred dollars (In prevailing rate) for the training and certification exams. Participants who will require visa on arrival will also be responsible for the cost of their visas. KAIPTC shall NOT be responsible for participant’s external (within Africa) travel, accommodation and feeding during the duration of the course.
Terms and Conditions:
• The course will be conducted ONLY in English; • Every participant will have to prove adequate health insurance coverage, which should include Covid 19 before travelling to the Centre. Additionally, participants must possess a COVID-19 vaccination card or be ready to be tested at the airport. Otherwise, unvaccinated persons coming along with test results should have done the test not more than 72 hours before the scheduled departure time from the country of origin. KAIPTC will not bear any health or accident costs for any participant.
In short
Course Date/Duration 18th – 22nd September 2023
Course Capacity 25 participants
Target Group The target groups include the following:

African Union, ECOWAS, UN Missions in Africa and other Regional Economic Communities (RECs).


  1. IT Managers /Officers
  2. Forensics Investigators
  3. CISOs
  4. Information Security Professionals
  5. Forensics Auditors
  6. Risk Manager/ Analyst
  7. Security Managers
  8. Previous participants of the Cybercrime Investigations & Digital Forensics
  9. SOC team members
  10.  Professionals interested in building knowledge cybercrime investigations.
Course Language English
Application Deadline 15 September


Cyber Forensics




The C|DFE course will benefit organisations, individuals, government offices, and law enforcement agencies interested in pursuing litigation, proof of guilt based on digital evidence. Government and investigative agencies need proper training to succeed in cases as well as those including acts of fraud, computer misuse, illegal pornography, counterfeiting, and so forth. Our Certified Digital Forensics Examiner training focuses on teaching the methodology for conducting a computer forensic examination. Participants will learn to use forensically sound investigative techniques to evaluate the scene, collect and document all relevant information, interview appropriate personnel, and write findings report that will be admissible in court.


Course Objectives

The main objectives of the course are to:

  • To equip participants to develop the skills required for digital evidence collecting and analysis.
  • To equip participants to identify the various types of “Digital Incidents”.
  • To provide practical methods to use forensic software to conduct a controlled analysis of digital evidence.
  • To educate participants on how to respond to a “Digital Incident”.
  • To educate participants how to record their findings in a digital examination log file and the appropriate way to present these findings.
  • To provide participants with the knowledge to conduct acquisitions and authentication of digital evidence.


Target Group

  • IT Managers /Officers
  • Forensics Investigators
  • CISOs
  • Information Security Professionals
  • Forensics Auditors
  • Risk Manager/ Analyst
  • Security Managers
  • Previous participants of the Cybercrime Investigations & Digital Forensics
  • SOC team members
  • Professionals interested in building knowledge cybercrime investigations.

Modules of the course

  • Computer Forensics Incidents
  • Investigative Theory & Process
  • Digital Acquisition and Analysis Tools
  • Windows Forensics, Linux Forensics & Mac Forensics
  • Examination Protocols & Digital Evidence Protocols
  • Digital Evidence Presentation
  • Laboratory Protocols
  • Specialised Artifact recovery
  • eDiscovery and ESI
  • Mobile Forensics
  • Incident Handling
  • Reporting




How to Apply

Interested applicants are kindly invited to click on the “link below” in order to fill and submit the online application form.





Col Daniel Amenyo Agbekor

Course Director

Tel.  00 233 (0) 302 718200 Ext. 1035

Fax. 00 233 (0) 302 718201

Email: daniel.amenyo-agbekor@kaiptc.org


Mary Anna Abakah

Lead, Training

e-Crime Bureau

Tel. 00 233 (0) 0302 999 981

Mobile. 00 233 (0) 50 1304 836 / 50 788 8899

Email: training@e-crimebureau.com



Mrs Marylyn Agblor


Training Coordination Officer

Tel.  00 233 (0) 302 718200 Ext. 1012

Fax. 00 233 (0) 302 718201

Email: marylyn.agblor@kaiptc.org

Email: training.coordination@kaiptc.org