Basic Training for Private Security Organizations


Course Duration: 30 September – 04 October 2024
Application Date: - Aug 30, 2024
Course Fee: GHC 3,500.00


Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC), one of the three Training Centres of Excellence was established to build capacity of military, police and civilians to meet the changing demands of multidimensional peace operations. As a training Centre of Excellence, KAIPTC has over the years of its establishment, enhanced and continue to develop the capacities of its trainees to respond to complex peace and security challenges in the region and beyond. KAIPTC in recent times has recognized the importance, frequent engagement and inclusion of emerging and existing stakeholders and players in the peace and security space particularly those in the private sector. This initiative seeks to inculcate the sense of inclusiveness and the responsibility of private security organizations in peace-building. It also seeks to reinforce the collaborative efforts of all players in peace building efforts. KAIPTC has subsequently introduced amongst other courses the Basic Training Course for Private Security Organizations,

The introduction of this course recognizes the role of stakeholders in the security industry and underpins KAIPTC’s vision in bringing on board partners to share experiences in the field of peace and security. The course is specifically designed to build the capacity of participants in their role as partners, contributing and collaborating the traditional security institutions for the maintenance of global the peace and security



Over the past decades, security within Africa and beyond has assumed very complex and dangerous nature creating insecurity and uncertainty the world over. The myriad of security breaches and challenges mostly resulting from lack of vigilance, appropriate training, lack of professionalism among others has resulted to the threat and instability in most countries particularly on the African Continent. In a world where emerging and complex security threat pose a great danger it has become imperative to embark on these initiative to bring on board stakeholders in the private security industry to build their capacities and interact as well as learn the act of collaboration with the traditional security as well as Civil Society groups in the maintenance of peaceful atmosphere for economic activities to thrive.

In line with the aforementioned, this course is tailored to build the capacities of participants to respond adequately and effectively to the complex and emerging trends requiring security response in peace and security. Additionally the introduction of the Basic Training for Private Security Organizations is entrenched in the need for collaboration and cooperation of private security organizations and the traditional and Civil Society Organizations or groups in finding and or harnessing their efforts in creating an enabling environment for a peaceful socio-economic environment.

As part of KAIPTC’s strategic objective of enhancing the capacities of ECOWAS, AU and other stakeholders in ensuring peace and security, KAIPTC Centre of Excellence invites stakeholders, practitioners and well-meaning enthusiast to attend this important course to collaborate in sharing ideas to help bring innovative ideas together in creating a peaceful atmosphere in our communities



The course aims at developing the capacities of participants and to improve the collaborative efforts of stockholders in the defence and security industry as well as develop innovative ways in dealing with contemporary security challenges.



  • Deepen participant’s knowledge on the concept of security.
  • Improve the understanding of security protocols in the workplace/environment
  • Enhance participants’ understanding of threat identification and response
  • Identify roles and collaborative efforts of players in the security industry.
  • To develop practical skills in incident management.



  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of concept of security.
  • Understand the existing security protocols.
  • Develop effective and efficient skills in threat Identification and response.
  • Improve collaborative skills with traditional security and civil societies.
  • Improve the understanding of incident management.



The course is designed for private security officers, Ghana’s Defence, and security sector to include but not limited to Military, Police, Fire Service, Prison Service and Intelligence Unit offers and Civil Society Organizations.



The training will adopt a collaborative Problem Based Learning (CPBL) approach, which comprises presentation, group discussions, group work, Q&A session, case studies, practical and field exercises among others. Selected Facilitators will be adept and raise pertinent issues on the selected topics to provoke discussions and participation. The various tools employed will help participants better familiarize with various concept related to security.



The course will be structured around five comprehensive modules:

1. Introduction to the concept of security:

  • Definitions and types of security.
  • Historical context of security (Traditional and Non Traditional)
  • Current/emerging security trends (Traditional vrs Human).

2. Security Protocols.

  • Security Architecture (National/Traditional Security and Private Companies).
  • Management culture and guidelines (Mission/Goal/Core values/Code of conduct).
  • Communication and interpersonal Skills.
  • Application of security protocols at workplace (best practices).
  • Legal Frameworks.

3. Safety and Security.

  • Importance of Situational Awareness/ Understanding the Environment.
  • Threats to Organization/Individual threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigating Vulnerabilities.
  • Coordination and collaboration with traditional security.

4. Crisis and Response Management (Incident Management):

  • Identification of crises/ incident reporting
  • Decision making/incident management.
  • Contingency Planning.



The course will be held at KAIPTC for one week.



Participants will be charged GHC 3,500.00 per person.





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Training Coordination Officer
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Course Director
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