Artificial Intelligence in Peacebuilding Course 2023

Peace Support Operations

Course Duration: 11-15 December 2023
Application Date: - Dec 06, 2023
Course Fee: • Participants will be required to pay a fee of ₵3,500 for the course. • KAIPTC will provide lunch and coffee during the period of the course.
Terms and Conditions:
• Each participant will be required to take care of his or her travel expenses. • KAIPTC will provide lunch and coffee for the duration of course. • Participants are to note that this course is non-residential
In short
Course Date/Duration 11-15 December 2023
Course Capacity 30 participants
Target Group The course is tailored for professionals involved in peacebuilding activities in Ghana, including but not limited to:

a)     Government Officials

b)    Civil Society including Traditional and Religious Leaders

c)     Researchers and Academics

d)    Practitioners in Peace and Conflict Resolution

e)     Defence and Security Sector Actors

Course Language The course will be delivered in English ONLY
Application Deadline 28 November 2023


Peace Support Operations


Course Aim

This course aims at improving the understanding of participants for using artificial intelligence in improving the peacebuilding process. A holistic understanding of the potential of AI in peacebuilding, backed by both knowledge and skills, making them competent to employ AI strategies in their respective areas.


Target Group

The course is tailored for professionals involved in peacebuilding activities in Ghana, including but not limited to:

  1. Government Officials
  2. Civil Society including Traditional and Religious Leaders
  3. Researchers and Academics
  4. Practitioners in Peace and Conflict Resolution
  5. Defence and Security Sector Actors


Learning Objectives

  • Explain the historical evolution of AI and its applications within peacebuilding contexts.
  • Explain AI and its relevance to the peacebuilding process.
  • Analyse the ethical challenges associated with integrating AI in the peacebuilding process.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in utilizing AI tools for data collection, conflict analysis, and early warning.


Eligibility Criteria

In addition to the KAIPTC corporate eligibility criteria, participants should possess at least one of the following:

  • A background in peace and conflict studies or related fields.
  • At least 6 months of experience in peacebuilding activities or related sectors.
  • Commitment to ethical and responsible use of AI in peacebuilding.


Pedagogical Approach

This training will adopt a Collaborative Problem-Based Learning (CPBL) approach which comprises presentations, group discussions, group work, Q&A sessions, case studies, practical & field exercises among others. Selected Facilitators will be adept and raise pertinent issues on the selected topics to provoke discussions and participation. The various tools employed will help participants better familiarize with various concepts related to AI and the Peacebuilding


Course Content

The course will be structured around three comprehensive modules:

  1. Introduction to AI in Peace Building:
  1. Evolution of AI
  2. Basics concepts of AI
  3. Concepts of conflict and peacebuilding
  4. Relevance of AI in contemporary conflict and peacebuilding
  1. Ethical and Legal Dimensions of AI in Peacebuilding:
  1. Ethics in AI for Peacebuilding
  2. Dual use nature of AI Technologies
  3. Ethical implications and responsible AI deployment
  1. AI Tools for Data Collection, Conflict Analysis and Early Warning:
  1. Conflict Analysis
  2. Early Warning
  3. AI driven data gathering
    • Open source data gathering with AI
    • Prompt Engineering/ Technologies and Tools- a practical Exercise
    • Data analytics in conflict zone, parting, hotspots and early warning signals
    • AI in crises prediction and response
  4. Case Studies on Successful AI Applications
  1. Final Exercise on AI and Peacebuilding


Selection Process

After the deadline, the selection board will meet and decide selection based on merit and a balanced class composition. The process will be as following:

  • Selection Board will decide on shortlisted and waitlisted applications (by 1st December 2023)
  • Shortlisted candidates will be asked to confirm their seats bindingly (6th December 2023)
  • Should not all shortlisted candidates confirm their seats, these will be offered to candidates on the waitlist on “first come first served” basis


Interested applicants are kindly requested to click on the “How to Apply” button in order to fill and submit the online application form. Only FULLY COMPLETED applications that are submitted via the application portal will be taken into consideration.



Mrs Marylyn Agblor

Training Coordination officer

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Mr. Augustine Owusu

Course Director

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Ms. Samantha Quaye

Assistant Course Director

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