Integrated Civilian- Military Co-ordination (ICIMIC) Course 2019

Integrated Civilian- Military Co-ordination

Call for Applications: Integrated Civilian- Military Co-ordination (ICIMIC) Course

Course Dates

28th October to 8th November 2019

Application deadline

28thSeptember 2019

Course Outline

The Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre will offer a two week course on Integrated Civilian – Military Coordination (ICIMIC) from 28thOctober to 8thNovember 2019 to limited number of civilian mission staff, police, civil society actors and military participants. This Integrated Civilian-Military Coordination Course reflects the international attempt at moving towards integration in the peacekeeping environment and emergency humanitarian relief, as well as the humanitarian development and assisted integrated missions. This ties in to the multi-dimensional nature of the integrated peace support operations. The focus of the course therefore is to create the understanding of the various mission components and the humanitarian actors in mission, their mandates, structure, activities, liaison fora and the relevant responsibilities when operating in an integrated mission environment.

Course Aim

The aim of the course is to train peacekeepers and civil society actors in civilian mission coordination. This is to improve civil-military relations with humanitarian and development actors, as well as local communities, by enhancing the knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants for effective performance of CIMIC functions in an integrated peace operations environment.

Course Objectives

 The core objectives of the course are:

  • To enhance the knowledge and understanding of participants on basic concepts and principles of CIMIC in integrated peace operations;
  • To improve the capacity of participants on the planning and execution of CIMIC operations;
  • To equip participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the performance of CIMIC functions in integrated peace operations environment;
  • To impart knowledge on cross-cutting issues related to the conduct of CIMIC tasks in integrated peace operations environment;
  • To improve the capacity of sub-regional and regional organisations in meeting their requirements for the deployment of CIMIC officers in integrated peace operations environment; and
  • To contribute to the building of a pool of quality trained CIMIC officers for future deployment in integrated peace operations.

Course Content

  • Peacekeeping Operations Environment
  • International Conflict Management  Response
  • Peacekeeping principles and Component roles
  • Integrated Mission Support
  • Humanitarian principles
  • Use of Military Escorts
  • Human Rights
  • Mission Support
  • ICIMIC Concepts
  • Negotiation/ Mediation
  • Women/Gender/SGBV and SEA

Target Group

The principal target audience for the ICIMIC Course 2018 will be predominantly military, police, civilian mission staff and civil society actors of the rank of Captain to Colonel and Police/Civilian equivalent. Selection will strive to achieve gender balance of participants as much as possible. Prospective female participants are encouraged to apply for the course.

Course Fees

Each participant shall be required to pay a non-refundable commitment fee of $500 USD (five hundred US Dollars).Participants who will require visa on arrival will also be responsible for their visa fees. KAIPTC shall be responsible for participants travel (within Africa) accommodation and feeding during the duration of the course.

Relevant Information 

  • The course will be conducted ONLY in English
  • Maximum intake on the course is 30 participants
  • Every participant must haveproof of adequate health insurance coveragebefore travelling to the Centre. KAIPTC will not bear any health or accident costs for any participant.

How to Apply

Only fully completed applications that are submitted via the application portal will be considered.

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Marylyn Agblor
Training Coordinator
Tel: 233 302 718 200 Ext.1012
Fax: 233 302 718 201