“Development requires stability and stability requires peace” – HE Krull

Accra Ghana:  The German Ambassador to Ghana, HE Daniel Krull, has noted that for Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa in particular to develop whiles enjoying peace, there is a need for a sense of shared responsibility in ensuring peace, security and stability beyond one’s borders.


HE Daniel Krull made these remarks at the opening ceremony of the German-sponsored Collaborative Policing Course (CPoL) at KAIPTC on 11th July, 2022, He commended the Government of Ghana for its contributions to peacekeeping, stating that, “Ghana is the seventh biggest contributor to UN peacekeeping operations worldwide regarding uniformed personnel, many of which have been trained at this facility”, he mentioned. This achievement, he said, had left a remarkable footprint in international peace operations, particularly regarding the support of the United Nations’ five peacekeeping missions in Sub-Saharan Africa. He noted that his Government will continue to support its African partners to implement the African Peace and Security Architecture and will sustain shared responsibility in security matters.


“We commend Ghana for its contributions to peacekeeping. More than 400 female peacekeepers are currently deployed, making Ghana the third biggest contributor of female personnel. This underscores the country’s role in strengthening a rules-based international order”. Ambassador Krull elaborated. He further noted that collaborative action in security matters remains the best option for creating conditions for lasting peace in the presence of setbacks that may be encountered intermittently, stressing that peace must be defended across the globe beginning at home and on the community level.


The Commandant of KAIPTC, Maj Gen Francis Ofori in his welcome remarks, emphasized the Centre’s commitment to provide the requisite support and environment to ensure participants of the course have the sound mind and attention they need. He added that the course will significantly add on to their store of knowledge to enable them participate in peace support operations as well as perform their daily law enforcement duties.


In all, 34 participants from Ghana took part in the course comprising personnel from the Ghana Police Service, Ghana Immigration Service, Ghana Prisons Service, Ghana National Fire Service and the Customs Division of the Ghara Revenue Authority. –