Certificate Programme in Cyber Security


Summarised Course Objective

The course is designed to equip participants on emerging trends of cybercrime, the domain of cyber security and the impacts of cyber security threats on institutions and national security at large. This hands-on training will guide participants through the process of; gathering and analysing information about targets, identifying vulnerabilities within systems and processes, the risk categorization of identified weaknesses and exploitation of identified flaws. The primary objective of the training, however, is to build the competence of participants in evaluating the cyber security posture of an organization or a targeted system.

Course Contents

Module 1: Overview of Cybercrime & Cyber Security
Module 2: Cyber Security Principles & Key Concepts
Module 3: Cyber Security Lab Sessions
Module 4: Cyber Security Lab Sessions
Module 5: Cyber Governance, Risk & Compliance

 Target Participant

The programme is suitable for IT practitioners, policy makers and practitioners working in the security, law enforcement, intelligence, government, international organizations, private sector organizations and civil society groups.

Course Schedule

  • Monday April 8 – Friday, April 12, 2019

Programme Entry Requirements

Admission to the Certificate Programme requires a minimum of a tertiary degree or diploma from relevant academic or professional institutions. Practitioners with experience without a formal academic qualification may also apply.

Course Fees

Local (Ghanaian-Based Citizens) – GHS 2,500.00
International Students – USD 1,500

Application deadline

March 29, 2019

How to Apply

Visit the following website to apply online or download the Application Form.

For further details about the course, contact the registry on:

  • Tel: 050 130 4836/050 143 6340
  • Or: 020 675 2054/030 299 9981