Training, Evaluation & Development

Training, Evaluation and Development Unit

The Training, Evaluation and Development (TED) unit within the department is instrumental in the design, development, delivery and review of all training courses offered by the Centre to ensure currency and relevance of course contents as well as a high calibre of facilitators or resource persons. The dedicated TED unit runs close evaluation loops on course level. The KAIPTC TED TRACKER © is operated to maintain the high relevance of course contents by ensuring student feedback is integrated into course design. The rolling feedback check includes best practice exchange within the KAIPTC alumni channel.

The TED unit also supports students and trainers with an integrated learning management system and provides related database management for the designers of new courses.


Training Coordination Unit

This unit provides administrative and logistics support for all courses. Its role is to:

  • Ensure appropriate support for all courses and programmes.
  • Liaise and collate responses from participants and facilitators
  • Assist with travel, accommodation, feeding, space allocation and ICT requirements.