Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration Course

Disarmament Demobilisation and Reintegration Course

Peace Support Operations

Course Duration: 5th - 16th February, 2018
Application Date: - Jan 04, 2018
Course Fee: $500.00(Commitment Fee)
Terms and Conditions:
Participants attending this course are expected to buy their own ticket.

Course Summary:

The Course, through building individual skills, aims at enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of UN, Regional, Sub-regional, National and other institutions to perform peace operations by providing participants with a comprehensive, conceptual and operational level understanding of the principles, procedures and up to date practices involved in the planning, coordination and conduct of DDR programmes, properly reflecting new developments involved in the field of DDR”.

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  • Introduction to DDR, Legal and Policy Frameworks;
  • Planning for DDR;
  • Structures and Operations
  • Support to DDR;
  • Reintegration;
  • Cutting Issues


Target participants:

Individuals involved directly or indirectly with DDR programmes;

Individuals intending to seek deployment in DDR;

Military, Police and Civilian mission staff;

Researchers in the area of DDR and broader peace building;

Other groups supported by client organizations;

  • UNDPKO, UNDP and other UN agencies and their
  • field offices;
  • National DDR Commissions and MDA’s;
  • Multilateral agencies; World Bank, EU;
  • INGO’s, NGO’s and Academic Institutions;