United Nations Staff Officer Course 2018 (UNSOC 18 – 1)

United Nations Staff Officer Course 2018 (UNSOC 18 – 1)


Course Duration: 28 May – 14 June 2018
Application Date: - Apr 08, 2018
Course Fee: This course is fully funded.
Terms and Conditions:
  • Cost of travel, accommodation and feeding for participants will be covered by the KAIPTC. (sponsored by German Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Visa costs will be borne by the participant.
  • The course will be delivered in English and in French.
  • There is no course fee for the course.
  • The course is residential and course participants will be accommodated at KAIPTC.
  • All nominated participants will have to show proof of adequate health insurance coverage prior to the commencement of the course. KAIPTC or the Federal Republic of Germany will not bear any costs caused by illness or accident.
articipants will be covered by the KAIPTC. (The course is fully sponsored by German Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Course Summary:

The aim of the UNSOC Course is to train military, police and civilian HQ personnel in the West Africa region able to man/support the ECOWAS Standby Force HQ (mobile HQ). All members of a Mission HQ have to be trained on planning purposes and preparing a decision making process. The course also aims to establish and foster regional cooperation and coordination between individuals and institutions engaged in ECOWAS, AU, UN and other institutional peacekeeping missions.


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Course Modules:

The course is planned to cover the following modules:

  • The UN System;
  • The SC Resolution;
  • Peacekeeping Mission;
  • Mission, Force HQs;
  • Components of UN PKM;
  • Legal Framework – ROEs, SOFA, MOU, The UN Charta;
  • HQ SOPs and Reporting;
  • Role other players in PKM – AU / ECOWAS;
  • Standards of Conduct, Gender, DDR, Security Sector Reform, Protection of Civilians, Public Info;
  • Integrated and military planning for PKO;
  • Role of PKM in Elections;
  • Police work in missions;
  • Force Generation;
  • Logistics;


Target Participants

Set at the operational level, the course targets a mixed group of middle and above leadership from the following:

  • ECOWAS Standby Forces HQ Structure officials – military, police and civilians
  • HQ Individuals and members of ongoing peacekeeping missions;
  • Government officials, operational level staffers and police;
  • ECOWAS/AU/UN peacekeeping mission personnel directly involved in operational planning and implementation of policies;
  • Selected personnel by ECOWAS, AU, UN-Member States to be deployed in a Peacekeeping mission