ECOWAS/KAIPTC Election Observation Training Course – Long Term

ECOWAS/KAIPTC Election Observation Training Course – Long Term

Conflict Management

Course Duration: 23- 27 April, 2018
Course Fee: All expenses for the course participants are covered by the Centre as the course is sponsored by GIZ (airfare, feeding, accommodation and tuition will be provided at the Centre for the duration of the programme). Participants are, however, required to show proof of having health insurance cover for the training period

Course Summary:

The overarching goal of the pilot course is aimed at developing the capacity of key personnel in the military, police, civil society and governmental agencies of ECOWAS member states to conduct long term election observation (LTEOM) in the region and beyond. The objective seeks to provide the knowledge and understanding of election observation methodology for assessing pre-election, election and post-election periods.

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Course Content:

The course covers a total of eleven (11) modules. They are as follows:

MODULE 1: Institutional Perspective on LTEOM

MODULE 2: International and Regional obligations and Commitments for Elections.

MODULE 3: Election Principles and Framework for Analysis

MODULE 4: Structure and Roles of LTEOM and LTO Activities

MODULE 5: Elections in Peace Building Initiatives

MODULE 6: LTO Reporting and Briefing

MODULE 7: Code of Conduct for LTOs

MODULE 8: Technology in LTO Activities

MODULE 9: Technology in Elections

MODULE 10. Security in LTEOMs

MODULE 11: Recruitment for LTO Assignments


Target Group

The course targets participants with background in Legal, Gender, Security, Media and Communications, Electoral Operations, Human Rights, Political Science, Conflict Management and any other relevant knowledge or experience.