Advance Stabilization & Reintegration Course

Advance Stabilization & Reintegration Course

Peace Support Operations

Course Duration: Two Weeks
Course Fee: $500.00 (Commitment Fee)
Terms and Conditions:
Participants attending this course are expected to buy their own ticket.

Course Summary:

This course aims at enhancing the capacity and effectiveness of all stakeholders involved with Stabilisation and Reintegration (S&R) processes. Participants are provided with a comprehensive, conceptual and operational level understanding of the principles, procedures and practices of S&R programmes.



  • Assessments and Analysis of Stabilisation and Reintegration Programmes
  • Stabilisation of the Post Conflict Environment
  • Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism and managing Radicalisation in Reintegration
  • Design and Operationalization of Reintegration
  • Economic Reintegration; Social and Psychosocial Reintegration
  • Reintegration of Specific Needs Groups
  • Final Simulation Exercise – S&R Programme Design for Mewaliland.


Target participants:

  • Line ministries/government departments/agencies and commissions involved with S&R
  • UN country missions, agencies, funds, programmes and entities
  • AU and other regional and sub-regional bodies
  • Development and bilateral organizations working on S&R
  • Relevant NGOs/Civil Society Organisations, Academia actively participating or supporting S&R programmes in conflict-affected or post-conflict African countries