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Occasional Papers

An Assessment Of Police Pre-Deployment Training: Ghana Study : By Festus Aubyn, Fiifi Edu Afful, Serwaa Allotey-Pappoe and Susan Nelson

Policing and Peace Operations In Africa: Relections On Minusma:
By Festus Kofi Aubyn

Breaking The Inertia: Women's Role In Mediation And Peace Processes West Africa:
 By Lydia Mawuenya Amedzrator

Piracy In Africa: The Case of the Gulf Of Guinea: By
Matthew Fiorelli

Private Military and Security Companies: Security Actors Without Accountability
ByLeonard Stenner

West African Conflict Early Warning and Early Response System: The Role of Civil Society Organizations
: By John Mark Opoku

The Darfur Crisis: A Test Case For Humanitarian Intervention:  
By Lansana Gberie

Mercenarism in West Africa: A Threat to Ghana's Democracy: By Prosper Addo

Conflict Prevention In Africa: Theoretical Construct or Plan of Action? : By Mark Malan

Cultural Diversity in Peace Operations: Training Challenges:  By Nana Odoi

Transition With Minimal Assistance: Lessons From Guinea-Bissau?: By Mark Malan

Building Peace on Fragile Foundations: The Liberian Challenge:  By April O’Neill and Leora Ward

Intelligence in African Peace Operations: Addressing the Deficit By Mark Malan

Democracy For Guinea-Bissau?: An Analysis Of The 2005 Presidential Elections: By Emma Birikorang

The Sierra Leonean State in 2005: Revising the root causes of the conflict: By Peter Albrecht

Refugee Camp Security In West Africa: An Ecowas Priority?:  By Christopher Opaye

Cross-Border Criminal Activities In West Africa: Options For Effective Responses: By Prosper Addo.

Traversal Communities in West Africa's Conflict Networks: By Moya Collett

Displaced in Darfur: An Analysis of Humanitarian and Protection Operations for the Internally Displaced in Darfur:  By Trish Chang

Ghana's Regional Security Policy: Costs, Benefits and Consistency: By Emma Birikorang

Corruption and State Instability in West Africa: An Examination of Policy Options: By Samuel Mondays Atuobi.

Natural Resource Management and its Implications on National and Sub-regional Security: The Case of the Niger Delta: By Dorcas Onigbinde

Evaluating the Operational Effectiveness of West African Female Police Officers’ Participation in Peace Support Operations: The Case of Ghana and Nigeria: By Harry Ford

Examining the Role of Third-Party Mediation in Cote d’Ivoire’s Conflict: Peacemakers or Spoilers? By Eunice Dadson

The ECOWAS SSR Agenda in West Africa: Looking Beyond Normative Frameworks: By Jimam T. Lar

Towards Attaining Peace in Darfur: Challenges to a Successful AU/UN Hybrid Mission in Darfur: By Emma Birikorang

An Examination of the Rule of Law Provisions within the African Standby Force: By Amelia S. Canter

State-Civil Society Interface in Liberia’s Post-Conflict Peacebuilding; By Samuel Atuobi

Establishing an Early Warning System in the African Peace and Security Architecture: Challenges and Prospects: By Birikit Terefe Tiruneh

State-Civil Society Interface in Liberia’s Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: By Samuel Atuobi

LIBERIA: A Briefing Paper On The TRC Report: By Kwesi Aning and Thomas Jaye

DEMOGRAPHY, Environmental and Conflict in West Africa: By Kwesi Aning & Andrews Atta-Asamoah

The Root Cause Of the SOMALI PIRACY:
By Joana Ama Osei-Tutu

Border Security in Ghana: Challenges and Prospects
: By Margaret Mansa Sosuh